Our Mission

Identity Sports is dedicated to impacting lives by sharing inspirational stories from professional athletes who have found their true identities in Christ. Our mission is to attract people who love sports and connect them to the good news of Jesus Christ through compelling digital content and engaging live events.

Aaron Baddeley, Ted Scott, Stan Utley at Tales From The Tour 2024 in Phoenix Arizona.
image of speakers on stage

Live Events

Identity Sports hosts live events in Tales From The Tour and Tales From The Dugout across the country. Our events provide a platform for athletes to share the highs and lows of life on and off the field. Each Identity Sports event is FREE and live-streamed for all to enjoy and be encouraged.


Check out the Identity Sports podcast launching in June 2024! Find it anywhere where you consume your podcasts. Each episode dives into unique interviews with professional athletes sharing about the trials and triumphs of their careers. Each athlete has a unique experience of finding their identity in Christ, through this series, we will explore their unique journeys and what it truly means to find your Identity in Jesus Christ and not in what you say and do for a living.

podcast coming soon